Naked Wanderings in Rush Hour, Hong Kong

A look back at one of the more strange events in 2017

He is first noticed chatting to a large African tourist in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui district close to the waterfront in Kowloon. The tourist asks what he is doing. “I don’t know you, so I . . . just leave.”

After the traffic lights change, he calmly and confidently takes the pedestrian crossing and enters a street-side moneychanger. He then walks about 200 meters to the Nathan Road entrance to the Mass Transit Railway where he queues for a cross-harbour train. He even chats casually to MTR staff! At Admiralty station on Hong Kong Island, he crosses the platform and again queues for an eastbound train. At North Point station he exits and walks down to another platform for a second train across the harbour to Hang Hau where he lived with his family. Finally police and MTR staff arrest him before he can board a train.

The first extraordinary thing about this 15-minute episode is that the 20-year Hong Kong citizen named Wong was naked. That’s right – buck naked, apart from a pair of crocs, earphones and his phone!

The second is that apart from the African tourist, absolutely not one of the many hundreds of people he must have encountered on this 15- minute adventure seemed to think it odd that a naked man should be wandering Hong Kong’s busy streets among rush hour commuters.

Police suggested he was suffering from a mental disorder. His friends and neighbours disagreed, describing him to reporters variously as “nice”, “normal” and “smart”. According to the popular newspaper Oriental Daily News, “I never noticed him acting strangely,” one person said. It then added – Wong’s former classmates online said that the 20-year-old was “smart”, “funny”, “loyal”, and “popular”, especially with women… “Maybe [his public nudity] was some kind of performance art.” According to an MTR official involved in the incident, Wong claimed he was living in a game world.

Popular with women? Well, although we have had to photoshop his nudity, we can reveal that what he displayed would probably have been of little interest to anyone. It is difficult to see anything lurking amongst his pubic hair!

We understand Wong was admitted to hospital early that evening, but later checked himself out. We can find no news as to whether he was charged with any offence or not.

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