Hot Muay Thai Kick Boxers

Thai kick boxing, also know as Muay Thai มวย ไทย is a very popular sport in Thailand and its attracting participants from all over the world. Hot, gorgeous, shirtless kick boxers from all over Thailand and the world come to Bangkok to compete in Thailand’s national sport. Matches go down a few times a week at various locations around the city and it guarantees a nice mix of Thai culture, great boxing and sweaty, sexy, horny guys. Traditional wood winds and chimes are played as background music during the fights. The speed of the music increases as the fight goes on adding to the overall fight experience.

Buakaw Champion Thai Kick Boxer - FEG Inc

Buakaw Champion Thai Kick Boxer – FEG Inc

Buakaw Por Pramuk is a Thai welterweight Muay Thai kick boxer. Fighting out of Por Pramuk Gym in Bangkok, he is a World champion and one of the most popular Thai kick boxers in Thailand. He has a perfect well toned body and is very fit and appeared in the popular movie “The Samurai of Ayothaya”.

Its no surprise that Muay Thai a very popular sport amongst the gay community. Gay guys participate in the sport to gain physical contact with other guys or go and watch the sport on a regular basis to see sexy young guys flexing their muscles in the ring. The main fights are also broadcast LIVE on Thai TV channel 3, 5 and 9 every weekend.

Two shirtless, well toned guys trading punches, kicks, bracing each and locking onto each other trading knee strikes is something that any guy who loves Asian guys should go and see. Testosterone fills the air as the two combatants put on a sexy homoerotic display which the crowd really enjoy watching. I’m sure this results in many hard erections around the stadium. I certainly get a hard on when watching Muay Thai.

Sexy Thai Kick Boxer -

Sexy Thai Kick Boxer –

Due to all the Testosterone, bisexual Thai kick boxers often have 3 or 4 casual fuck buddies to satisfy their huge sexual needs and desires. Their fuck buddies are bottoms who are normally friends, assistants, masseuses, fans or every day street guys and not normally other fighters as most Thai kick boxers are dominate tops. But there is an exception to this as there is a great level of respect between Muay Thai fighters which often results in strong friendships out side of the boxing ring. It has been known that these friendships sometime develop further and turn sexual, the guys fall in love and a gay relationship develops. In these types of relationships the guys are versatile and fuck each other. Although they keep there relationships quiet and discrete other boxers know who is fucking who and respect their gay relationships.

In addition to watching a LIVE fight, its worth going to a weigh in where you will see these guys in nothing but a tight pair of undies with their huge dicks bulging out of their briefs. In everyday life these guys also look as spectacular as they do in the ring and often wear very tight old worn out jeans with their bulging cocks stretching the denim and tight tank tops exposing there hard dark muscles, a very sexy sight indeed.

Thai Kick Boxers have Great Bodies -

Thai Kick Boxers have Great Bodies –

The best champion fighters come from the Isarn region (North East Thailand) which is a poor farming area where a lot of rice is grown. These guys are often the darkest skinned and have the biggest dicks in Thailand. The second best area for talent is the South, followed by the North and then the Central area.

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  1. Muay Thai Boxers are so sexy. I love their muscles and dark skin. I’ve seen a few in the street wearing just jeans and they look so hot.

  2. The 2nd guy pictured has a real nice body and has a lot of sex appeal as he looks like an everyday guy being unshaven for a quite a few days. I reckon hes packing at least 8 inches in them shorts. 🙂

  3. I used to box Muay Thai when I was a teenager, I had a great time doing it and so many friends made.

  4. wishful thinking, very very few Thai boxers are gay or would even consider having sex with men,

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