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Malaysian Newspaper Purports to Know

And you thought you were invisible – at least to the straight community! You dress conservatively as befits your job, you don’t kiss or hold your boyfriend’s hand in public, you take care when entering a gay bar or club. As far as the general public is concerned, you think are an average Joe or Mohammed or Chang.

Do you need to think again, especially if you live in Malaysia? This, after all, is a country which still hangs on to the old British colonial law banning sodomy. This it takes to mean any form of gay activity. Successful prosecution carries a jail sentence of up to 20 years. In legal terms, gay here means gay men. The story goes that in 1885 when the British Prime Minister presented Queen Victoria with a bill for her signature prohibiting all forms of sexual intercourse outside marriage, the dear lady refused to do so. She could not, she explained, because it was anatomically impossible for females to engage in sexual intercourse. Accordingly, on the whim of the sovereign, parliament had to redraft the bill to prohibit what it termed “gross indecency between males.”

A small gay rights group parade in front of the Petronas Twin Towers - Malay Mail

A small gay rights group parade in front of the Petronas Twin Towers – Malay Mail

Being a predominantly Muslim country where Islamic laws are increasingly being promoted, falling foul of the law is a serious matter. All the more need, then, for the LGBT community to tread warily. Homophobia has never been far from the surface here, and recent events have been especially disturbing. Last year an 18-year old gay student was beaten and burned to death by his classmates who accused him of being gay. Only a few months later a transgender woman in her 20s was attacked with a knife and shot three times.

Pop concerts in Malaysia have routinely been cancelled when not given approval for one reason or another by the nation’s censors. Last year the Deputy Interior Minister attacked the Walt Disney Company because it refused to cut a gay scene from the recent movie Beauty and the Beast. An article on the Health Ministry website actively belittles lesbians. There have even been calls to boycott Starbucks because its Chairman promotes equal rights for the LGBT community.

Demonstrating against LGBT rights - Reuters

Demonstrating against LGBT rights – Reuters

To help citizens better identify gay men and women – and presumably the better to make fools of them and worse – a leading Malay language newspaper Sinar Harian recently published a list of bullet points. Gay men are easy to identify because –

1. they love wearing beards
2. they regularly attend a gym, not to exercise but to cruise other men
3. they love branded clothing
4. they wear tight shirts to show-off their six-pack abs
5. their eyes light up when the see handsome men.

The features for lesbians are that they hug each other in public, hold hands and belittle men.

The offending list of LGBT traits

The wearing of beards is especially laughable. The vast majority of Muslim men wear beards or grow some facial hair in Malaysia. Are all therefore gay? What a joke!

The article included an interview with a preacher, Hanafiah Malik, who warned that homosexuality is on the increase in Malaysia and there was an urgent need to stop the trend.

Sorry Mr. Malik. Whatever future you see for your country, gays are going to be a part of it. We are not going away!

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Gay Kuala Lumpur – Hot Dark Guys, Tropical Oasia and a Gay Massage Den

Gay Kuala Lumpur Here We Cum!

Gay Kuala Lumpur Here We Cum!

I’ve been to Malaysia before but that was a long time ago when I was a “regular tourist” and a teenager. This time I was going as a “gay tourist”. I asked on the Sawatdee Network Gay Forum about what to expect and got some good advice from member “Aussie“.

I have been to Malaysia many times with Asian friends staying with me and alone. Never a problem with visitors to my hotel room. Nobody looks at us when we go anywhere and there is a big age difference. I have never noticed any bad attitude towards us. We do not go around holding hands or any obvious shows of affection in public. Maybe it will deteriorate in the future if the laws become more strict.

I also got chatting with another AsiaGuys.NET writer Penn Regis who has been there many times before and his advice was simple… just be discreet and everything will be fine. As it turned out Penn and Aussie were right, Malaysian people really don’t care what you do as long you are discreet and respect local customs and culture.

Justin Massage Guy - Click to see full sized image -

Justin Massage Guy – Click to see full sized image –

Gay Asian Network

When you arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) you have two options to get to the city which is 45 km away. The KLIA Ekspres train is quick and takes under 30 mins but is a little expensive or get a taxi which is slow and will take at least and hour or much longer if you get stuck in traffic but is much cheaper.

Kuala Lumpur Street Life

Kuala Lumpur Street Life

The stopover night we stayed at the Federal Hotel which was nice if you’re just staying a day or two. Its extremely busy with lots of Chinese tourists coming and going. It has a wonderful breakfast buffet. In the evening we wandered the streets near the hotel checking out the street life and yummy tanned local guys. The darker guys, who are likely from Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka totally turned me on! I was walking around with a hard on admiring their hot bodies. Getting hungry we decided on local food and had a street side dinner which was delicious!

Blue Boy Disco

Blue Boy Disco

We had been told that Blue Boy Disco was the premier and the oldest gay venue in KL, so that’s where we headed. It’s modern, clean and trendy but we were the only ones there, not even any bar boys on staff at the time. We were there during the week although and was told by the drink waiter that it rocks on the weekend. The guy behind the bar was really friendly and cute although but the owner out front seemed a little grumpy. We had quite a few drinks and then tried to find some of the other gay bars without any success. Google maps just wasn’t doing it for us. However, the gay apps were going crazy with local guys wanting some action.

Blue Boy Disco Collage - Click to see full sized image

Blue Boy Disco Collage – Click to see full sized image

The next day we visited some local tech markets in the morning and then headed to KLIA for our flight to Bangkok the next destination on our Gay Asia Adventure.

Kuala Lumpur was originally scheduled as a one night stopover on the way to Thailand but I enjoyed it so much there and wanted to see more of the gay life, so on the way back to Australia I stopped over there for an unscheduled five extra nights and flew in a nice guy whom I met in Cambodia to spend some time together. More about him in a future article.

On the return leg back to Australia I decided to stay somewhere a little more homely and found Oasia Suites on Expedia. They rooms are huge and have everything from a kitchen to a washing machine and microwave. It’s like living in a fully equipped apartment. The roof top pool was a highlight for me, we spent many hours drinking, sunbathing and swimming there in the delightful tropical heat. I highly recommend these suites if you are having an extended stay in Kuala Lumpur.

Oasia Suites Swimming Pool

Oasia Suites Swimming Pool

The first day we visited the 88 storey Petronas Towers which are the tallest twin towers in the world. They’re Kuala Lumpur’s crown jewel. In the sunlight they were majestic. But we had to see them at night, so returned in the evening and we weren’t disappointed, they were truly dazzling. We spent a couple of hours relaxing in the park taking in the views and were able to get some wonderful pictures. There are plenty of hot guys cruising around looking for hookups.

Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers

In the heart of Kuala Lumpur is an area which never sleeps and is colourful and bustling. It’s Chinatown which is in Petaling street. Chinatown is a bargain hunter’s paradise, a place where you can find all sorts of stuff from Chinese herbs to imitation goods. I bought a dozen diecast aircraft models for just $5 AUD each. At night, its main market area transforms into a lively and vibrant night market, filled with hundreds of stalls offering all kinds of goods at dirt cheap prices and also delicious street food.

Petaling Street Chinatown

Petaling Street Chinatown

If you’re after a massage then FreshM2M massage center maybe an option for you. It’s very difficult to find but is worth the persistence to find it as the guys on offer were really sexy, strong and most massages come with a happy ending. It’s located in the Norbu Hotel. There is no signage, just look for the hotel, go up to the first floor, you will see the hotel reception on the right and the massage den entrance is on the left. Go in and you will be greeted by the manager who will show you a photo album of all the guys on duty. You will see them all sitting off to the left waiting for their turn to service someone. Once you pick a guy they will come over and escort you up to a higher floor where there are darkened massage rooms. Get your clothes off and enjoy the guys body to body massage skills.

The Address is: No. 18, Tower M, Jalan 3/93A, Warisan City View, Off Jalan Cheras, 56100 Cheras 9 Miles, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Menthos Massage Guy - Click to see full sized image -

Menthos Massage Guy – Click to see full sized image –

Most streets in the evening we would see large groups of guys smoking Hookah Pipes. They are metal or glass water pipe devices used for smoking tobacco. The tobacco is available in different flavours like chocolate, coconut, mint and mango. The flavoured tobacco is mixed with molasses which gives the aroma of burned sugar. The tobacco is heated up indirectly and the smoke produced passes through a column of water before it’s inhaled through a mouthpiece. The smoking is typically done in groups of males. Hookahs have their origins in India and Persia. Hookah smoking is common in the Middle East and Malaysia where it is a social activity. It’s gaining popularity in many other countries where e-vapours are used instead of tobacco.

Malaysian Hookah Smoking Pipes - Click to see full sized image

Malaysian Hookah Smoking Pipes – Click to see full sized image

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