Gay Valentines Day Gift Ideas for 2018

Chinese New Year Fire Crackers

Chinese New Year Fire Crackers

This year Valentines day coincides with the Chinese new year, so why not add a Chinese flavour to your gift for your special Asian guy. This year is the year of the dog with Chinese new years eve on the 15th and Chinese new year commencing on the 16th. Valentines day is on Wednesday the 14th of February. Red is considered lucky in Chinese and also symbolises the heart for Valentines.

Red is the Colour of the Chinese New Year

Red is the Colour of the Chinese New Year

The gifts are in the order of WOW factor and how likely he is going to say “WOW honey! I love you!!” and how likely you’re going to get a fuck.

Gold, Gold, Gold!

Gold is guaranteed to put a huge smile on any Asian guys face. A simple necklace or bracelet or a gold bar. Its shiny, valuable, they will luv it and it’s lucky in Chinese. Also, if they ever need money they can porn it for a thick wad of cash.

Thai Gold Mens Necklace

Thai Gold Mens Necklace

Lucky Red Envelope

Jam a lucky red and gold envelope full of Western currency such as USD, AUD, NZD, GBP, Euro etc. They will be amazed to see your local currency and will able to change it to a wad of local Asian currency such as Thai Baht. The amount given in red envelopes should never include the number 4 as when pronounced in Chinese it sounds like the word for death. Amounts including the number 8 will bring good luck and prosperity. $88 is considered a very lucky amount to give.

Chinese New Year Lucky Red Envelopes

Chinese New Year Lucky Red Envelopes

Phallic Symbol Jug

Stick skewers into phallic shaped items and arrange them in a jug or vase. It will be a talking piece on the office or uni desk.

Phallic Symbol Jug

Phallic Symbol Jug

Gay Themed T Shirt

For a bit of fun, matching His and His t shirts or a I’m not gay but my boyfriend is t shirt.

I'm Not Gay

I’m Not Gay

Matching His and His Pillows

A creative fun addition for the bedroom. Have fun fighting over whos pillow is whos.

His and His Pillows

His and His Pillows

Gay Themed Jewelry

Dog tags are in trend again or his and his break necklaces and pendants.

Pride Dog Tag

Pride Dog Tag

BTW NEVER give clocks or apples as gifts over Chinese new year as they are associated with “separating” or “passing”.

Any other suggestions? What are you doing for Valentine’s day? Let us know in the comment box below 

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How do you Satisfy your Gay Sexual Needs?

Last week we posted an article about gay porn pay sites. On the Sawatdee Network Gay Forum one of the members a447 wrote

Why on earth would anyone these days pay for porn?? There’s more porn than you can poke a stick at – and it’s all free!

That’s true and I look at it sometimes but most of the stuff on the free sites is crap quality. So why would anyone pay for gay porn? For most it would be to get the latest high quality pictures and HD videos. Paying for gay porn obviously supports the studio but also the gay models. Not all but some models are paid on commission, so the better the studio does, so do they. Some studios even look after their models longer term and paying for gay porn allows them to do this.

A lot of the free stuff is copied from the studios without permission just like illegal music, movies and TV shows.

That leads us into our new poll, which should produce some very interesting results.


Sun, Swimming, Snorkeling, Stars, a Camp Fire and Gay Sex!

Continued from Part One

We headed off from the short term hotel and caught the baht bus back to my home. Tae told me his friend Somkid who we were going to meet up with was gay. He asked if I wanted to go to Koh Samet. I was thinking that would be fun hanging out with two Thai guys for the day, so I quickly agreed. So it was all set… we were going to Koh Samet!

Welcome to Ko Samet -

Welcome to Ko Samet –

We arrived home and I changed clothes and picked up my Ford Ranger. We then headed to Tae’s house so he could grab some clothes and then headed to Somkid’s. When we arrived there he was ready to go. They had already talked on the phone about it. Somkit looked fantastic, he was as sexy and handsome as Tae. I felt good a I headed off with two tanned Thai guys both wearing tight jeans and singlets. I was thinking today will be an awesome day!

Ready for the Beach -

Ready for the Beach –

We arrived at Ban Phe near Rayong and got the ferry over to Koh Samet. I had some cash on me but not a lot but enough for the day. When we arrived a local came over and hassled us to go with him. He said there was a secluded beach on the other side of the island and as it turned out, he was right. There were 4 bungalows and a banana shaped beach which was private and sheltered with trees. To our surprise no one else was there apart from the bungalow owner Khun Boss and his staff.

Ko Samet Ferry -

Ko Samet Ferry –

He set up some umbrellas for us and we ordered some drinks and food and settle in for a day of swimming and relaxing on the beach. I was the first in and called them to join me. They eventually came but like Thai’s just took off their singlets and wandered into the water with their jeans on. It was a hot sight seeing them wearing tight wet jeans. But I told them “come on, get the jeans off”, which they eventually did. They were wearing just their sexy tight little undies. Tae has the tightest ass I’ve ever seen! We were also able to hire some flippers, goggles and snorkels. We did some snorkeling for a few hours which was very refreshing.

Ko Samet Snorkeling -

Ko Samet Snorkeling –

The sun started going down and I suggested that we get back to the mainland before dark. They said “nah, come on lets stay the night”. I wasn’t planning on that and had limited cash on me and the ATM was back on the other side of the island. I told them the situation and they said “no worries, we will talk to Boss”, which they did. They came back and said “he’s agreed to credit, as long as tomorrow when we go back, a staff member will go with you to the ATM together and get the money owing”. I didn’t really like the idea of that but reluctantly agreed.

Sunset at Koh Samet -

Sunset at Koh Samet –

Other people had arrived at the beach during the day but had eventually gone as the day went on and being the off season it was looking like we were the only ones staying in the bungalows for the night. We got the keys for the bungalow and went in to check it out. It was basic but clean and comfortable and the best was that it was right on the beach.

Fun as the Sun Goes Down

Fun as the Sun Goes Down

We ordered plenty of food and drinks and settled in for a nice evening watching the surf and stars. Boss even lit a camp fire for us which added to the mood. It was getting late, Boss came over and told us that he was going home, which is quite a distance away and that he would see us in the morning. The mood was fantastic and the company even better!

Camp Fire at Koh Samet -

Camp Fire at Koh Samet –

We were all wearing just shorts. I reached over and grabbed Tae’s dick through his shorts, it was hard and I started wanking him. He pulled down his shorts, out sprung his Thai dick. I lent over and started sucking him. Somkid stood up and and walked over to Tae, pulled down his shorts and rammed his dick into his mouth. We sucked for while then Tae stood up on the chair and bent over so that his tight hole was fully exposed and up in the air. I started licking it, forcing my tongue slowly in. He told me to fuck him! I did what he wanted and rammed it right up there! He moaned and then settled as I slowly deep fucked him. Somkid still somehow had his dick in Tae’s mouth but that was about to change as I cum in Tae’s ass. Somkid came over and dominantly pushed me aside and rammed his massive dick up Tae’s ass and fucked him hard. He blew quickly, we fell to our seats and were in gay sex heaven.

Hard at Koh Samet -

Hard at Koh Samet –

8Teen Boy

Eventually we got up from our chairs and went for a swim in the star light and then crashed out together in the same bed. The morning arrived, we sucked some more then Boss came banging on the door. He said its time to check out. He told me to pay his staff member who was going to accompany us. I was a little worried, I knew that I had plenty of money in my account but this being Thailand, I was worried the ATM wouldn’t work or was broken and I wouldn’t be able to withdraw any money. The staff member shadowed me all the way until we got the the ATM as his sole job task was to get the cash! I put my card in and pushed the buttons and waited… and waited some more… I was starting to panic a bit… a lot actually as the ATM seemed frozen!

Thai Baht Saved the Day -

Thai Baht Saved the Day –

Suddenly a wad of Thai Baht popped out from the ATM and all was good!

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Asia Boy

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Latin Boyz

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East Boys

East Boys has been operating since 2001. Their models are young guys from Europe and feature never seen before models in their sexual prime. All material is produced by their own photographers. On their site you will find more than just plain gay porn, you will also see variety of other stuff, such as outdoors, muscle workouts, handjobs, massage, group action, reality shows and much more. They have about 1000 of videos, most of which are over 15 minutes long and thousands of quality photos. All videos produced in last 6 years were done in HD. You can’t go wrong with this one as it’s the cheapest of the five sites that we featured

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NOTE: Prices and details of whats included were accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing this article but obviously will change over time